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Air Conditioning Technology

Technology for managing/maintaining the target space in a state suitable for the purpose

It is a technology that provides a pleasant environment for human activities by maintaining proper temperature and humidity considering the heat generated indoors and the inflow of heat based on thermo-hydrodynamics.


  • Stage 1
    Reflect the worker's movement and work space characteristics
  • Stage 2
    Respond actively to working conditions according to seasonal changes
  • Stage 3
    Maintain the same amount of inflow and outflow of air and gas flowing in and out of the enclosed space
  • Stage 4
    Reflect the location and characteristics of the heat emission source (power, temperature, heat transfer, etc.)

Applicable Fields

  • Hospital
  • ESS(Energy Storage System)
  • Indoor Gym
  • Auditorium
  • Concert Hall
  • Greenhouse
  • Cattle Shed
  • Etc.