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Local Ventilation Technology

Technology that prevents diffusion by removing pollution generated at a certain position

It is a technology that prevents the discharge from entering the workspace by setting the capture and removal areas for the pollutants that generate the discharge. It considers various variables in the workspace and combines a single or two or more modules to design the most suitable for the workspace.


  • Stage 1

    Generation Amount Calculation

    Identify the physical and chemical characteristics of gas emissions and calculate the amount of generation
  • Stage 2

    Airflow Determination

    Design hoods and determine required airflow to set target contamination capture and removal areas
  • Stage 3

    Identification of Character-istics and Arrangement

    Identify the characteristics and workspace layout to which you want to introduce the system
  • Stage 4

    Spatial Identification

    Identify the space to install the rear blower (or air purifier)
  • Stage 5

    Schematization after Duct Identification

    Identify the path of the air transfer duct and schematization
  • Stage 6

    DSBM Progress

    Determine the duct size, sha- pe, length, number of elbows, etc. with balanced design (DSBM) for each air transport duct section
  • Stage 7

    Determination of Pressure and Power Values

    Determine the pressure value and blower motor power required for the entire system
  • Stage 8

    Drawing Creation

    Create design drawings based on the determined data



Fans and exhausts can be moved and applied almost anywhere

ex) Small space or small amount of pollutant emissions


Space where the location of the pollutants is fixed and the gas discharge conditions are constant

ex) robot welding, chemical reactors, raw material mixers, laboratories, etc.


When the location of the pollutants changes and the duct needs to be moved or changed

ex) manual welding, grinding, solder gas discharge, etc.

Applicable Fields

  • Robot Welding Process
  • Powder Coating
  • Kitchen
  • Process Plant
  • Shooting Range
  • Laboratory
  • Etc.