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System Features

Air technology recognized by global companies

ALLSWELL’s Living air technology is a ventilation purification system optimized to manage the air quality of the entire space.

Air Quality Control System

W-FLES (Filter-less Fume Elimination System)

  • Features
  • Purification of pollutants with water
  • Removal of fine dust, VOC and odor simultaneously
  • Safe and economical water recirculation system

  • Purification Principle
  • Condensation by collision-blocking-diffusion of water and contaminants
  • Separation of gas and liquid centrifugal force and gravity
  • Filter-less system enabling easy maintenance and repair

D-FLES (Filter-less Fume Elimination System)

  • Features
  • Air purification using centrifugal force, gravity and friction
  • Low operating cost due to no water use
  • Removal of dust collected in the dust box only → Easy to manage

  • Purification Principle
  • Fine dust in the air moving from the purifier main body to the lower dust box by centrifugal and frictional forces
  • Discharge of clean air upwards of the purifier

Product Specification

Product Specification
Product Name W-FLES (wet type) D-FLES (dry type)
Purification facility Air volume (CMH) 9,000CMH 15000CMH
Power consumption 32kW 53kW
Product size 4(W) x 3.2(D)x 2.5(H)m 4.3(W) x 3.2(D)x 2.5(H)m
Installation space Based on 4,000㎥

* Product specifications may slightly vary depending on the size of the space