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Dilution Ventilation Technology

Technology that lowers the concentration of pollution in the space through the inflow and outflow of air

As a technology that manages the concentration of gas emissions in the space within a level that is not harmful to humans through air supply and exhaust in the workspace, it is designed to supply clean air to the work space where various gas emissions (fire or explosive dust, odor or harmful vapor, gas, dust, etc.) occur.

Spatial Composition Methods

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Spatial Composition Methods
  Piston Stratification Zoning Mixing
Category Airflow by unidirectional air supply Configuration of supply and exhaust using air density difference Dilution of gaseous emissions through air supply to some areas Dilution for formation of form uniform conditions in the workspace
Distribution of heat, humidity and pollutants
Features The best dilution effect with a slow speed Dilution of gaseous emissions by buoyancy by supplying at a slow speed Air supply to generate buoyancy in the target area Achievement of desired dilution concentration in the shortest time
Efficiency 0  1
Indoor airflow

Applicable Fields

  • Multi-use Facility
  • Subway Platform
  • Office
  • Indoor Gym
  • Chemical Plant
  • Etc.