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Pneumatic Conveying Technology

Technology that transports or injects almost all kinds of grains in bulk using the airflow from one or more sources to one or more destinations

It is a transport method that pushes or pulls the target material from the input source to the destination by maintaining the air velocity in the air transfer duct sufficient, and this technology is applied to transporting large amounts of materials at short distances, especially for continuous processes with high flow rates, low pressures, and low amounts of materials to transport multiple materials at once.


  • Stage 1
    Identify worker's movement and work space characteristics
  • Stage 2
    Design an air transport duct considering working conditions and process environment
  • Stage 3
    Design using mathematical techniques to ensure adequate airflow
  • Stage 4
    Design to enable the moving material to reach the desired destination
Transfer Technology
Pressure Method Designed with low pressure, it can lower initial installation cost. It is suitable for the input of raw materials for each process such as cement, coal, steel, agriculture, chemical, etc., with multiple processes at both the source and destination.
Vacuum Method It operates below the atmospheric pressure (vacuum). There are many sources of input, but it is suitable for production processes such as cement, milling, and sugar refining to collect products produced by powder or granules by line if they have the same destination.

Applicable Fields

  • Grain
  • Cement
  • Coal Processing Industry
  • Etc.