In the corporate research institute, competent professional engineers are constantly working to suggest the best air solutions.

Innovation for Better Space

As a leading air technology (AT) company, we continue to research and develop and innovate to create a space for people to breathe freely.


DSBM (Duct Segment Balancing Method)

The complex structure of air transport ducts requires a more sophisticated design. DSBM is not a typical duct design method, but is a balanced design method for ALLSWELL's differentiated duct sections.

  • DSBM Sheet

  • Division by duct section
  • Pressure loss factor for the section
  • Loss value of dust collector installation section
  • System static pressure (blower static pressure)
  • Basic data such as temperature, humidity and duct area, etc.
  • Cumulative pressure loss by section
  • Duct elbow, material temperature and humidity coefficient calculation formula, etc.
  • Efficiency of Facility Operation : It is possible to distribute as much air as you want by dividing the space
  • Economical Operability : Differentiate the design by classifying the exhaust duct and the air supply duct
  • Reduced Initial Installation Cost : The system can be configured with only one blower
  • Reduced Power Cost : Minimize the use of dampers, etc. that cause pressure loss


It is an engineering software that provides a numerical analysis and programming environment, and is used to implement functions or algorithms for airflow velocity by distance and hood capture range.

1. Calculate velocity based on the unit vectors in the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis directions at a specific point in the target space.

2. Calculate the velocity v at the point based on the vectors in the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis directions.

3. Express the velocity v as a constant velocity plane in the three-dimensional space.

4. Capture and remove pollutants by generating airflow in a suitable space for air pollutants

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

CFD analysis confirms the feasibility of the design and improves the design before construction to increase cost saving effect.

  • Cyclone
  • Air velocity field

  • Pressure field

  • Flow animation

  • Venturi Throat
  • 3D Modeling

  • Air velocity field

  • Dust particle tracking

  • Unit particle trajectory