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Process Optimization

Productivity improvement & energy saving system

Based on industrial air technology (IAT), the gas flow of the existing ventilation system is analyzed quantitatively, and ducts and blowers are redesigned accordingly to increase efficiency and reduce power cost.

Existing Design

  • 1
    Calculation of airflow without considering site conditions and characteristics of pollutants
  • 2
    Waste of energy and cost due to excessive design of airflow
  • 3
    Installation and addition of duct without considering energy balance
  • 4
    Performance deterioration due to collapse of energy balance by damper adjustment

Optimization Design

  • 1
    Calculation of the optimal airflow considering the site temperature, humidity, evaporation rate of pollutants, and vapor pressure
  • 2
    Energy balance adjustment of duct and branch pipe using DSBM of ALLSWELL Co., Ltd.
  • 3
    Minimal damper use with optimal airflow and energy balance design

Capacity of the blower or the number of units can be reduced AT-based diagnosis and design can reduce power cost
Payback period (ROI) of 6 months is guaranteed

Scope of Application

전력비 절감

  • Deterioration

    Where replacement is necessary due to aging facilities

  • Diagnosis

    Where improvement is needed through diagnosis of air-related facilities

  • Performance Drop

    Where performance deteriorates due to the addition or modification of facilities

  • Energy Efficiency

    Where energy efficiency needs to be increased by minimizing additional facilities